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Activity Programme

The SPR JNRs programme comprises one 39 week programme of activities for KS2 pupils, broken down into six units to correspond to each half term. Suitable and differentiated for pupils from years 3-6.

Online Content

Four units of online content for the Autumn and Winter Terms, providing a 50 minute lesson per week where staff can be used to ensure every pupil is engaged rather than leading the lesson themselves. Two units of plans and resources for outdoor lessons in summer terms.

Programme Elements

Healthy Recipes

Delicious, child friendly recipes, which are designed to be easy and fun to prepare with, or for children. Parents receive access to our ‘parent’s blog’, which is full of great healthy eating ideas and nutrition information.

Personal Development

Through a series of tasks in their PE lessons, pupils gain the tools to develop ambition and self-esteem. Accomplishing goals, practicing mindfulness and receiving praise helps children in all areas of their lives.

How does it work?

Each term features a programme of activity and fitness tests, so pupils can monitor and track their ever-improving levels of core fitness.

Pupils learn how to physically and mentally prepare for physical exercise, whilst building confidence when performing individually, and developing teamwork skills in groups.

Half term 1


Half term 2

Core strength

Half term 3

SAQ and coordination

Half term 4

Cardio fitness

Half term 5

General conditioning

Half term 6

Sports day preparations


Pupils are encouraged to see failure and challenge as a positive step towards success and meeting their goals, rather than something to be feared and avoided

Boosting academic achievement

Healthy bodies and minds lead to greater academic outcomes and happier individuals. We aim to shape the future of children’s health and well-being.

Sessions comprise individual activities, group and partner work, with 10 minutes of relaxation and visualisation linked to specific personal development outcomes.

We help pupils to make positive decisions about the way that they conduct themselves in all aspects of their life, starting with the way they look after their bodies and their minds.

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