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Your Annual Subscription includes a 39-week programme of activities for KS2 pupils, broken down into six units to correspond to each half term; access to all resources to help you manage each lesson; training and ongoing support.

We offer a tiered pricing structure:

£699 per year for a 3 year subscription

£799 per year for a 2 year subscription

£899 per year for a 1 year subscription

Multi-school discount also available.






With children missing out on PE lessons for so long, it’s more important than ever to get their physical health and fitness back on track. With this in mind, we’re partnering schools on the journey to children’s wellness with £200 off your first year’s subscription, with no obligation to re-subscribe.

Start the next academic year in partnership with us here at SPR Juniors with our discounted rate of just £699 for the complete 39-week PE programme.

For more information, or to arrange a chat with an account manager, simply fill in the form below, or email us