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We are delighted to announce that our sample lesson plan is now being distributed to Primary Schools across the UK.

SPR Juniors has been designed in response to the growing concern for the children’s decreasing fitness and mental health. The environment surrounding young people has changed significantly over the past decade.  You can read more about this in our Article ‘Are our children getting enough exercise?’

SPR Juniors aims to equip pupils with the tools they need to lead healthy, successful lives.

Designed by experts

Our 39-week programme has been designed by fitness professionals, teachers and doctors to significantly improve pupils’ fitness levels in a way that children love.

 SPR Juniors provides four terms of lessons at the push of a button, ensuring high-quality lessons can be delivered easily and consistently, even if cover teachers are being used.

How it works

Our video-led lessons feature children performing demonstrations of each exercise, with a helpful voice-over and timers. This allows teachers to spend more time with each pupil, helping them get the most out of each lesson. Pupils are encouraged to measure success on effort rather than ability, boosting their self-esteem and building their confidence.

Throughout each lesson pupils work on a variety of skills including teamwork, independence, self-assessment and competitive challenges.

Personal development

The programme starts with a fitness test, where pupils record their scores on their SPR Juniors card.  Pupils are re-tested at the end of each term. This allows pupils, parents and staff to see positive changes.

Pupils are encouraged to see failure and challenge as a positive step towards success and meeting their goals, rather than something to be feared and avoided.

Warm Up

The warm up is always a fun way to start the lesson and includes water breaks to keep the children properly hydrated.

The warm up element is crucial to increase the core body temperature and blood flow; the heart rate should go up and the child should be lightly sweating. It will also improve posture, a child’s range of motion and performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Team Work

The programme includes activities to enable the children to work with partners or as a team.  It is important for the children to challenge each other and themselves.

Communication, social, and emotional skills are all strengthened when children learn to work as a team, which can help improve self-esteem and confidence in our children.

Cool Down

The children then cool down with a range of different body stretches aimed at calming the body and the mind.  Not only are the children learning how to stretch their muscles properly after a workout, they are also working on improving their flexibility and joint range of motion.

Cooling down after a workout is as important as warming up. It’s good to stretch when you’re cooling down because your limbs, muscles and joints are still warm.

Stretching can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which can lead to muscles cramping and stiffness.


Finally, each lesson ends with 10 minutes of mindfulness. Mindfulness is often natural for children and this audio helps to enhance their ability to focus in a mindful way. It also teaches slow breathing and helps with relaxation.

Children who practice mindfulness or relaxation techniques regularly are more likely to pay attention, be less distracted so, will learn more.  Plus, it helps them to stay calm in a today’s busy world.

Other benefits of the SPR Juniors Programme

As part of the SPR Juniors Programme, we provide Primary Schools that have signed up to our 39 week programme, weekly recipes and regular articles to help parents keep their children healthy and happy.  The school can share these with the children’s parents through their weekly newsletter.

Here are just a few of the delicious healthy recipes we have created for this programme.

Turkey Fajitas

These are perfect recipes to cook with your children at the weekend

The SPR Juniors Programme

If you would like further information or gain access to our SPR Juniors Sample Lesson, then get in touch with the SPR Juniors team today!

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The programme for SPR Juniors is designed to offer each primary school a balanced education programme focusing on nutrition, fitness and mindset delivering Strong Powerful Resilient Juniors!

Primarily, the programme provides progressive P.E. lessons for years 3 to 6 which help children improve their core fitness and develop motor skills that will underpin their sporting performance.

Each school will also have access to our SPR Junior Resource Centre. This is an online library for teachers to access nutritional guidance to support their curriculum plus it includes fun goals and milestones for pupils to reach that will support their nutritional awareness.

These resources are designed to be used as part of the weekly parent newsletter.  They help parents understand, in more depth, what their children are learning in relation to nutrition and fitness and give them the core information on how to encourage their children to continue their SPR Junior’s programme at home!