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How it Works

What is SPR Juniors?

The SPR JNRs programme comprises one 39 week programme of activities for KS2 pupils, broken down into six units to correspond to each half term. Suitable and differentiated for pupils from years 3-6.

SPR Juniors videos guide every lesson, so teachers have more time to spend with individual pupils. Every PE lesson is already planned and ready to go, with accompanying staff handbook that details equipment needed, hall set up, objectives catering for all pupils and assessment criteria.

Split into warmup, individual challenges, partner and group exercises, cool-down, stretching and mindfulness, making each individual lesson challenging and motivating for the children.


Easy to implement with lesson plans and teacher resources


Saves time and takes the guesswork out of tailoring PE activities


Fitness tests monitor and track improving fitness levels


The video guides the lesson, so teachers have more 1-on-1 time


Each lesson is designed with clear objectives and success criteria


All exercises and activities are demonstrated by children

PE can get swept aside and the weather in winter months increases the chances of this happening. The SPR Junior Programme means that there is a series of lessons ready to go in an instant.

The lessons are really well set out and feature a warm up, main activities, cool down, stretch and mindfulness and this linked really well to the mindfulness that we do in our school. From this our children have learnt more about the muscles, appropriate stretches, how to warm up and cool down, stretches that they can use outside of school and have developed their ability to relax while improving their breathing. Clearly planned by a PE specialist, warm ups and main activities vary from lesson to lesson, they are age appropriate, challenging and modelled by children for children. Our pupils loved the fact that they had children to copy on the screen and it inspired them more to complete the tasks. They remained engaged throughout the lessons and focused to the tasks at hand. They were able to be competitive but compete with themselves and set new personal bests and evaluate their efforts.

– Kat Davies, Rudgwick Primary School


With children missing out on PE lessons for so long, it’s more important than ever to get their physical health and fitness back on track. With this in mind, we’re partnering schools on the journey to children’s wellness with £200 off your first year’s subscription, with no obligation to re-subscribe.

Start the next academic year in partnership with us here at SPR Juniors with our discounted rate of just £699 for the complete 39-week PE programme.

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