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Week 11

Unit 2: Core / Lesson 3

Equipment Required

3 x bibs for taggers

Stack of cones

Task Setup

Select a team of 6-8 people

One person collect two cones

Set up task as outlined below. All pupils to sit in a straight line behind the start cones

Set up of group work:

Teacher input / differentiation

Encourage pupils to select a team of 6 people before the lesson commences

Staff to select 3 taggers for the warm up game (3 rounds)

(Less able pupils can have teams of up to 8)

More able can have teams of 4 in order to further challenge them if numbers and space allow

Staff to assist with setting up for the group work challenges as per the diagrams

Lesson Objectives


Will be able to continue running to avoid getting caught, and will never be stationary


Will be able to understand that failure is not necessarily a bad thing and that it can be used to foster success


Will be able to perform more complex ab exercises such as flutter kicks, with good technique to really challenge their core

Success Criteria

I understand the significance of failure to achieving success and know that failure is not permanent

I am able to transition between different exercises with focus and speed