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  • All pupils to wash their hands before and after lessons.
  • No sharing of water bottles.
  • Pupils should never ‘high five’ or tag each other in relay situations. Instead they should just go when their teammate has crossed their path.
  • For any lessons that involve tagging, we recommend that your school purchases swimming pool (foam) woggles/noodles. Taggers can use these to tag teammates from a distance.
  • Whereas we usually encourage new taggers (and a change of bibs), with Covid-19 in mind, we suggest either keeping the same taggers, providing extra fresh bibs for each change, or no identification of taggers, and pupils are required to remember who is ‘on’.
  • We suggest that all equipment; hoops, canes, ladders, woogles/noodles etc. are thoroughly disinfected after each lesson.
  • We recommend pupils only exercise within their school ‘bubble’ and that pupils try to remain in the same groups or partners week on week.
  • We suggest staff organise pupils into ‘ability bubbles’, from which they can select their group size each week (max 8)
  • Tasks that require pupils to be in close proximity (e.g. crawling under a plank) can be adapted by pupils. For example, they could complete two-footed jumps over the plank instead.
  • All individual HIIT circuit work is Covid-friendly. These sections are highly active and can always be used to replace any activities that staff feel do not comply with Covid safety measures.
  • We suggest that Unit 4 is switched with Unit 3 for more Covid-friendly lessons (depending on current guidelines).