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End of Year Feedback

We really appriciate your time in providing us with this feedback.

Thank you, Liz and the SPRJ Team

    1 - The lessons are highly active and engaging:

    2 - The Staff handbook is clear and concise and enables staff to have confidence within the lesson:

    3 - Pupils really enjoyed their lessons:

    4 - Pupils felt challenged and engaged:

    5 - The pupils enjoyed and found value in the mindfulness content at the end of each lesson:

    6 - Pupils with ADHD and Autism found the videos easy to follow:

    7 - Parents found value in the parent newsletters:

    8 - Parents found value in the parent newsletters:

    9 - Staff found lesson content easy to access and enjoyed running online lessons:

    10 - Please tell us what did you like about the SPRJ Programme?

    11 - and importantly anything you disliked about the SPRJ Programme?

    12 -Finally any other feedback you can think of