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Benefits of running as a family

There is no better motivator to inspire children into a lifelong love of sport than the opportunity to start running together.  You are actively improving your whole family’s level of health by raising your levels of good cholesterol while also helping increase lung function and boosting your immune system.

Running also takes you places. You can explore the countryside around your home powered by your own two feet. It is a good opportunity to experience things you might have otherwise missed, like a bird’s nest, a new trail, or a view from high above your town. Running gives you a little taste of freedom.

Why is it important to come together as a family to exercise?

With childhood obesity a growing problem in the UK, setting habits early in running and physical exercise will combat ill health in later life.

Here are our 6 Top Tips on how to start improving your whole family’s health by enjoying a run together today!


Establishing a routine is crucial.  Always try to take your weekly run at the same time.  Children thrive on routine, so if they know Sunday is “Fun-day Run-day” then they are more likely to join you happy and motivated.




Sharing a goal and celebrating achievement together as a family will bring you much closer together.  So don’t just run, set challenges for this physical activity whether it is speed or length of run and make sure you keep a record either on a white board or in a note book.  It is also a good way of rewarding your children.  Perhaps, a trip to the cinema or a film night indoors will keep the motivation going weekly.


Park ‘fun-runs’ are on the increase.  So, once you are confident your children are enjoying this family-time look at signing up to an event like this together.

It may spark a love for professional running and encourage your children to take on new challenges for the rest of their lives.




Children are naturally inquisitive and keen to try out new activities.  Running shouldn’t be confined to School PE classes – with your continual encouragement, guidance and support, they can explore the world with just a pair of trainers.


For some children, the stress of living their life through the eyes of social media and other new and challenging environments are taking its toll on their mental well-being.

Running can not only boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem, but by setting and achieving goals, you can help give them a greater sense of empowerment that will leave them feeling much happier and in control.



Children that seem sad and potentially depressed will benefit hugely from a regular run.  When you run your brain secretes hormones that naturally improve your mood.  Even a short run can leave you feeling more energised, more focused and better able to enjoy life.