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About SPR Juniors

SPR Juniors (Strong, Powerful, Resilient Juniors) is a 28-week course of video-guided PE Lessons for primary aged pupils in Years 3-6. Designed to improve pupils’ physical literacy and mental health through stretching, cardiovascular activity, teamwork, mindfulness and personal development.

The 50-minute lessons are brought to life with fun animations, a friendly voiceover, and all activities are demonstrated by children of KS2 age, but are suitable for children of all ages.

Although this programme has been designed for use in schools (where large teams and equipment is available), it can easily be adapted to create lessons for children at home in isolation.

The lessons are spilt into four units: Plyometric strength, Core strength, SAQ and Coordination, Speed and Cardio.

Each lesson follows the format of

  • Warm up
  • Individual HIIT circuit
  • Partner/Group work
  • Yoga based stretching
  • Mindfulness

Many of these sessions are already suitable for home use (no equipment needed, able to complete individually or with a sibling). Others will require us to adapt small sections, but this is easily done by our tech team once we know what we are working to.

This programme is already professionally filmed in a studio, voiced and structured but can easily be repacked to work at home to fully supplement children’s PE Curriculum. Furthermore, each lesson has self-assessment, lesson objectives and success criteria allowing children to be immersed in their usual ‘school learning environment’. Finally there are fitness testing lessons and resources that allow children and parents to track their fitness over time.