Balanced Education

Nutrition, fitness & mindset


Delicious healthy meals that are easy and fun to prepare

When your school signs up to SPR JNRs, parents receive access to our nutrition blog, which is full of nutritional guidance and fun meal ideas that can be made with, or by their children.

You’ll gain access to resources, updated every month, that can be used at home by parents, to help support their children to live more healthy, active lifestyles.

Pupils will receive fun goals and milestones to reach that will support their nutritional awareness, e.g. “can you find a new vegetable to try this week that you’ve never tasted before?”

For children, by children

Each session comprises several distinct sections, so pupils experience physical activity in a range of mediums throughout the lesson. They will…

  • Learn how to thoroughly warm up for the type of activity about to commence
  • Complete individual fitness challenges led by our lead SPR JNRs coach Scarlett, where they’ll be encouraged and taught how to push themselves to achieve their potential
  • Participate in partner or group work, learning fun activities that can also be practiced at home with siblings or parents
  • Learn how to correctly cool down, dynamically stretch their bodies and refocus ready for the day ahead
SPR Juniors Lesson



Pupils are taught the power of positivity and how it can affect their relationships with friends, family, and staff


Through a small amount of yoga-based stretching and visualisation at the end of every lesson, pupils begin to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude


Pupils are taught visualisation techniques and are encouraged to use their imagination to build a picture of what they want to achieve at school that day.


Pupils gain invaluable tools to help manage their emotions and behaviour, enabling them to be happy and successful in all aspects of their school life

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