Never plan a

PE Lesson again!

SPR Juniors is an innovative new video-guided PE Programme, tested in primary schools, created by a team of experienced Child Sports-Science Education Experts.

I would really recommend any school using SPR Juniors as it’s so easy to follow and extremely time-saving for busy teachers!

– Stephanie Martin, Vigo school, Andover

Supercharge your pupils’ fitness!

SPR Juniors is a tried and tested PE tool that has been created to fill the gap in Key Stage 2 Primary School Children’s fitness levels; their overall physical health and mental wellness.

All online lessons are progressive, which helps pupils improve their core fitness and develop motor programmes that will underpin their sporting performance as they grow.

The programme is simple to use, and provides you with a set of helpful resources including; a staff handbook, fitness testing cards and pupil assessment sheets. Each lesson has it’s own webpage and downloadable lesson plan.

Example lesson and teacher resources

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Why schools love SPR Juniors…

The SPR JNRs programme comprises one 39 week programme of activities for KS2 pupils, broken down into six units to correspond to each half term. Suitable and differentiated for pupils from years 3-6.

SPR Juniors videos guide every lesson, so teachers have more time to spend with individual pupils. Every PE lesson is already planned and ready to go, with accompanying staff handbook that details equipment needed, hall set up, objectives catering for all pupils and assessment criteria.

Split into warmup, individual challenges, partner and group exercises, cool-down, stretching and mindfulness, making each individual lesson challenging and motivating for the children.


Easy to implement with lesson plans and teacher resources


Saves time and takes the guesswork out of tailoring PE activities


Fitness tests monitor and track improving fitness levels


The video guides the lesson, so teachers have more 1-on-1 time


Each lesson is designed with clear objectives and success criteria


All exercises and activities are demonstrated by children

Our pupils loved the fact that they had children to copy on the screen and it inspired them more to complete the tasks. They were able to be competitive but compete with themselves and set new personal bests and evaluate their efforts. The programme has also been really helpful in providing data for our PE coordinator to use and I think it could be a really useful tool in providing PE to pupils in this new chapter of schooling with social distancing.

Kat DaviesRudgwick Primary School, Horsham

The children in Key Stage 2 have very much enjoyed the sessions that you have provided through SPR Juniors. They have been finding them hard but enjoyable. We are now started the Core sessions and loved the under and over crabs this week! It has been great for the teachers who lack confidence during PE lessons and has given us all a lot of good ideas, especially for warm up games.

Liz MarshallOliver's Battery School, Winchester

Quality PE is often difficult to provide alongside a busy curriculum. The website is clear and easy to navigate, there is a staff handbook detailing equipment needed, hall set up, objectives catering for all pupils and even assessment. The lessons include a warm up, main activities, cool down, stretch and mindfulness, which linked really well to the mindfulness that we do in our school.

Kat DaviesRudgwick Primary School, Horsham

The children absolutely love their lessons; they always ask me when PE is and ask what we are doing. One of their parents told me how their child loves PE with me and SPR juniors. They particularly enjoy the timed fitness sessions as they love to so see the progress they have made. It’s good healthy competition amongst the children. I would really recommend any school using this programme as it’s so easy to follow and time saving for busy teachers.

Stephanie MartinVigo School, Andover

Partnering with you in 2021

SPR Juniors gives your key stage 2 primary school children the tools to make the right fitness and health and wellbeing choices working towards Stronger; Powerful and more Resilient Juniors.

Now is the time to plan for 2021! Partnering with us means PE is one less thing to worry about. Take advantage of our great offer with 50% off, get in touch today!