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SPR Juniors is a 39-week programme of fitness based PE lessons, designed to significantly improve pupils’ health and fitness over the course of the academic year.


SPR Juniors is a 39-week online programme of fitness-based activities for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6, carefully designed to improve pupils’ health, fitness, mental wellness and resilience.


Strong Powerful Resilient Juniors

Over our 39-week programme, pupils will experience constant encouragement of strength, power and resilience, boosting their physical health, fitness, and mental wellness.

All lessons are progressive, which help pupils improve their core fitness and develop motor programmes that will underpin their sporting performance.


Preparing students for the future

We aim to help combat the ever-changing ‘social media’ environment that children live in by giving them a range of tools to strengthen their mental health and resilience.

We teach pupils visualisation techniques to help them imagine and then experience success in all aspects of their lives.

An easy and fun programme for pupils

Through fun and challenging fitness exercises, exciting and fun recipes, and mental wellness techniques, we can help children develop in every area of their lives


All activities are demonstrated by children for children


Healthy meals that are easy and fun to prepare


Shaping creative, confident, positive strong minds

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